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This is the homepage of MacBPM, a bpm-counter, bpm catalogue and playlist compiling utility for Apple Macintosh computers. This page will give you the latest information concerning MacBPM. MacBPM consists of two applications: MacBPM Counter and MacBPM Manager. MacBPM Counter is a simple interactive beats-per-minute counter. MacBPM Manager is a complete bpm catalogue and playlist management system. With this program you can store all information of your songs in a bpm catalogue, simply create playlists... So MacBPM is a usefull tool for DJs.


If you want to have a look at the MacBPM documentation... here it is:


Here is a link to the latest official version of MacBPM. Simply click to download a copy of MacBPM. MacBPM Manager and MacBPM Counter are FAT binaries.

MacBPM 3.3

New features of version 3.3, compared to version 3.2.x, are:

MacBPM is distributed as Freeware. So you are welcome to use and distribute unmodified copies of MacBPM for non-commercial purposes. For questions, suggestions or any bug reports, just send an e-mail to the author Matthias Zenger (e-mail: