MacBPM Documentation



MacBPM 3.3 is a software package that consists of two applications: MacBPM Counter and MacBPM Manager. MacBPM Counter is a simple interactive beats-per-minute counter. MacBPM Manager is a complete bpm catalogue and playlist management system. With this program, you can store all your bpms together with the music track's artist, title, version, label, etc. at a bpm catalogue, compile playlists, charts a.s.o. So MacBPM is a very usefull tool for DJ's who want to time their music mixes exactly and like to prepare their mixes using a computer.


MacBPM is distributed as freeware. So you are welcome to use and distribute unmodified copies of MacBPM for non-commercial purposes. But I would like to be informed if you want to distribute a CD-ROM with MacBPM on it. If you like MacBPM, I would be happy if you send me a postcard of your hometown (for example) or an e-mail... (this gives me more encouragement to develop MacBPM in future).


The author makes no warranties, either express or implied, regarding MacBPM. Use the programs of MacBPM at your own risk. The author claims no liability for any problems caused directly or indirectly by MacBPM.

For questions, suggestions or any bug reports just send me an e-mail. If you like to support our World-Wide-Web bpm-list, send your bpms by e-mail. Here's the URL of our homepage:
Thanks to all, who already sent bpm-lists, suggestions, comments etc.!

Matthias Zenger