MacBPM Documentation


Version 3.3, 06/97 (final release)

This is the last release I will ever publish. I will not continue
working on MacBPM.

Version 3.2.5, 08/96 (nineth release)

- searching entries and comments in playlists is now possible
- added an options-dialog for the find-operation
- implemented multi-file search
- positions of modeless dialogs are now saved in the preferences file
- re-arranged menus
- added balloon help for menus
- selection of entries/comments using the option- or shift-key is now done correctly
- fixed a lot of minor bugs

Version 3.2.3, 06/96

- internal re-organization
- fixed a bug in the label-list

Version 3.2.2, 04/96 (eight release)

- fixed some bugs (within the cut, copy & paste routines)
- removed problems with text import
- alerts are now displayed at the correct alert position
- fixed a bug in the memory management
- optimized sorting algorithm
- added "label" list

Version 3.2.1, 12/95 (seventh release)

- removed problems with System 7.0 (save & open dialogs)

Version 3.2, 12/95 (sixth release)

- implemented playlist documents
- rewrote the whole scrap and drag&drop routines
- fixed a lot of small bugs
- faster sorting algorithm
- faster scrolling and updating of window contents
- now supports active scrollbars
- new tool: exchange columns

Version 3.1.1, 10/95

- fixed some bugs in the file conversion routines
- changed text im-/export strategy
- included "type-in" search

Version 3.1, 10/95

- implemented stationery document support
- added a new column
- change within the database file format (old format can still be read)
- column names can now be changed interactively

Version 3.0.3, 07/95 (fifth release)

- added 'Tool' submenu to 'Database' menu
- re-arranged preferences dialog
Version 3.0.2, 06/95
- added the 'Clear' button within the Find-dialog
- filters can now be reset to the default setting (nothing is filtered out)
- implemented bpm search functionality in MacBPM Manager's bpm counter
- added drag-and-drop support

Version 3.0.1, 06/95 (fourth release)

- fixed some bugs in the PowerPC code
- implemented offscreen drawing
- problems with floating windows and screen borders removed within new scrolling
- rewrote the display functions of the BPM counter (now faster on slower Macs)

Version 3.0, 05/95 (third release)

- implemented MacBPM Manager
- the former MacBPM application is now called MacBPM Counter

Version 2.1.5, 03/95

- implemented AppleEvent handling
- an animated cursor is displayed at the recording time
- fixed a display bug at the beginning of each bpm recording

Version 2.1.2, 02/95 (second release)

- MacBPM is now compiled as a FAT binary (containing both, 68K and PPC code)

Version 2.1.1, 01/95

- the user interface now supports english and german language
- the preferences dialog now handles input of numbers correctly

Version 2.1, 01/95

- preferences are now saved in the preferences folder
- new, 3d-looking controls
- again some bug-fixes

Version 2.0.5, 11/94 (first release)

- corrected some bugs in the user interface
- About... dialogbox is now displayed at the right position

Version 2.0, 09/94

- ported to C
- completely new user interface
- implemented different bpm counting methods

Version 1.1, 11/93

- implemented a tiny mac user interface
- fixed some small bugs

Version 1.0, 08/93

- first version of MacBPM (without a mac user interface; implemented using
  MW Modula-2)